Friday, September 13, 2013

30 days of lists - days 4-9

I have been doing my lists daily...but don't complete them til the end of the day when the lighting here isn't all the best. So I thought I would save up and do 1 post every couple of days with my pages.
Im finding it really hard to photograph the pages because they are in a journal and the journal just wants to close on please forgive me xxx

Day 4. Favourite time wasters
  • Facebook
  • Candy Crush
  • YouTube
  • Uploading music onto my ipod
  • Reading blogs
  • Looking at new craft products

Day 5. Things I tend to worry about
  • My boys
  • My health
  • The future
  • The plant
  • Money

Day 6. Rules to break
  • forgive quickly
  • kiss slowly
  • love truly
  • laugh uncontrollably
  • never regret what made you smile

Day 7, Today I saw...
  • Polling booth
  • my doctor
  • shops
  • ducks
  • friends
  • food
  • tv
  • flowers
  • my boys having fun
  • park

Day 8 - Childhood Chores
  • Cleaning my room
  • dry the dishes
  • feed the animals
  • clean animal bedding
  • wash the car
  • mow the grass

Day 9 - Weird stuff that makes me cry
  • watching my boys receive awards or perform
  • watching 'My Girl' & 'Beaches'
  • Thinking about the past
  • My boys driving me nuts
  • Not seeing my family and best friends more
thanks for looking
Franz Ferdinand - Right Actions (my fav song at the moment)

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