Sunday, June 22, 2014

Scrapmatts Shadow Boxes

This month I was lucky enough to join the Scrapmatts team at the Brisbane Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo. I had heaps of fun meeting lots of people in the industry and Facebook friends.
I created a few Shadow Boxes that were on display along with many other great creations from others on the DT.
Here is what I created....

Baby Keepsake Box

 When i saw the design of this shadow box I knew exactly what i wanted to do with it...create a keepsake of my first born, Andrew.

 I was able to place one of his socks, along with the birth announcement and one of his hospital bracelets.
 I used banners to display his name

 I also added his details from his birth like time, weight and length to the left side window. The Scrapmatts Pram works really well for the theme of this shadow box too.

Shadow Box Calendar

I thought it would be an awesome idea to turn this shadow box into a calendar. It was pretty easy to do, by attaching wire to the frame i was able to use tiny pegs to attach the printed calendar (which can also be updated every year)

 Cogs are great for male themed projects, I embossed them with different coloured powders and also added a clock charm also from Scrapmatts.

 I love this little cluster of chipboard, the Chevrons work well to add a pop of colour under the scrap words.

 James Dean Shadow Box

 The story behind how this box came about was a lil funny. Anne, Renee and I were sent some images from Scrapmatts. I was wracking my brain over what we could do with the movie camera image...i was thinking of a photo of my Father in Law at first as he has been a cameraman for many years, but then I thought what a great idea to use a 'movie star'. James Dean was chosen as the camera is an old style vintage looking one and James Dean was the first star to pop into my head!

  The shadow box frames are great to stamp on, using black ink and the diamond shaped stamp I was able to get this effect.
Washi tape fits perfectly around the Shadow boxes too which is handy to know if your going to create one ;)

Thanks for looking


James Dean - The Eagles

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